A Blog!

12:30:00 AM

This is exciting! Our plans have finally materialized!

We've always talked about starting a Blog together because we have so much to share with our friends and family. From what goes on in our daily lives... to important events and also recording down our journey together as a couple. Every day, something new happens be it good or bad. We want to post the good, to keep the memories. But also the bad, as we hope that others can learn from our mistakes and not fall into the same trap.

2014 has been pretty eventful so far and we have just taken the next step together as a couple. Really can't wait to pen everything down in words in the next entry so that we can relive the moment over and over again. We've been busy with work ever since the new year started but thank God everything looks promising so far.

P.S Gonna add another resolution for 2014: to keep this diary breathing with constant entries!

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