Engaged! Part 1- Ring Hunting (Ben)

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We got engaged on 1.3.2014. The reason for this date is because of the chinese translation to 一生你一世.

By the mid of 2013, I have already been thinking of proposing to Mel but did not have in mind of how to go about doing it. As I only just graduated from NUS and started full time in my businesses, I did not have much savings. But deep down in my heart I knew that this woman, is the right person for me and to propose to her would be giving her my promise to protect her and love her for the rest of my life. It was precisely because I did not have enough money to marry her, that is why I knew I had to propose to her soon and not let her wait too long as I knew that the entrepreneurship journey would be a long and tedious one.

Over the months, as my businesses grew, I managed to save up some money and that made me start thinking, that it could possibly be the time to purchase a ring and get down to the proposal.

So in January 2014, after purchasing our iMacs for our office, my business partner asked me to look around at the Jewelry boutiques at NEX as he would love to be part of my ring-hunting journey.

So we went into the first shop, and the blur-like-a-sotong me just followed through and listened to the salesman pitch. I didn’t know a single thing about diamonds and I am not the kind of person who really does his homework because I hate spending hours on the internet to read through scores and scores of information. Frankly speaking, the diamonds all looked the same to me.

So this salesman took out a diamond and told me that after discount, the price would be in the region of $4.8k, adding on that it was really worth it and I should reserve it in case another person buys it. He was really pushy and his colleagues even tried to make me buy it on the spot. Having been in the sales industry for 2 years, I knew they weren’t sincere and just wanted to sell me on the spot, so I left the boutique telling them I will be back 2 days later. If the diamond is sold by then, then it would mean that I was not meant to have it.

Headed on into the next shop and after telling the saleslady what my budget was, she seemed disinterested in selling me. So off I went, without buying anything.

After some heads up from my partner, I went to look through what Clarity, Cut, Carot and Colour means for a diamond. The following week, after one of our workshops, my partner brought me to Larry Jewelry, the same boutique where he got his engagement ring. I heard of Larry and read about them in the newspapers so I do know that they are an established jeweler and quite ATAS (meaning: high class)! Especially since they are located at Paragon.

So I went there still very sure of my budget, but I got the shock of my life when the display at where I was sitting sat diamonds that were worth $50-100k!!!! Where on earth would the $4k diamond be then?! Would they even serve me?

But I was deeply humbled when I was served with enthusiasm and I was not at all looked down upon even with a “supposedly low” budget. So the salesgirl, Yue Ling, showed me a diamond with the price tag of $5,300 and immediately gave me a $700 discount to $4600. It was still not close enough to my budget but after speaking to her for a while, she went to her manager and her manager chatted us up for a while before disappearing to the back to calculate the best price she could give.

She returned with a price I couldn’t resist. Not just because it was so close to my budget, but also because I fell in love with that particular diamond’s sparkle. Just absolutely beautiful.

Yue Ling asked me to reserve the diamond by placing a $2k deposit, which I agreed to, but the sales manager said, “It is fine, just leave $650 will do”.

Immediately I was stunned.

Why opt to reduce my deposit when I already agreed? I thanked the sales manager and continued to chat with her and had this feeling she reckoned us to her son and treated us like how she wanted others to treat her son. I went home feeling so blessed and extremely happy with my decision.

To me, buying the diamond was akin to buying/adopting a pet. They all look the same, serve the same purpose, but only the right one would appeal and smile to your heart. And I found the right diamond, specially for the right person.

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  1. Yes! I love Larry! they are good! You have got good taste!

  2. Yes I am glad I bought from them too! I really love the ring so much that I have to stare at it everyday! Haha!



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