Engaged - "It's Today?!?" (Mel)

11:27:00 PM

After re-watching the video that Ben edited of the actual moment, I remembered my first thoughts when Ben walked up to me that night was... "IT'S TODAY?!?" And I kept asking him "what is happening? what is all this?"

Yes, I was really shocked as nothing crossed my mind that Ben would have planned all these without my knowledge or me finding out along the way. Let's just say he was never good at planning surprises over the past 6 years. Haha! 

Our Facebook timelines were flooded with friends getting engaged that day. Some people found the date meaningful (1.3.14) and so did Ben although it never crossed my mind that he would have thought about that and started planning quite some time back.


Apart from being really surprised about the surprise, I never expected that he would have put in so much thought into the planning, yet kept everything low cost. From designing the posters on his own and getting them printed, to even personalizing and printing out menu cards for the evening. He also placed 3 video cameras to take different angles of what happened that night, and learnt to edit the clips on his own.

So much effort and thought put into perfecting the moment.


Thank you for all the well wishes and for those who have been supportive of us and seen us grow the past 6 years as a couple. Thanks to those who have played a part in pulling us closer together despite the many obstacles we faced along the way, and the friends who helped Ben in the proposal preps in one way or another.

Greater thanks to our families for their constant encouragement, endless love and keeping us in their prayers.

"To my partner-for-life, Ben, thank you for giving our relationship a chance from the start. I know that I still have flaws, make fun of you all the time (just like you do to me!) and am not perfect in many ways. But I promise to be there for you all the time and be supportive (even though the risks that you take are often too shocking for my weak heart. Haha!)

The remaining months left to the Big Day may be trying, but let's take our time and enjoy the prep process :) "


I don't think it's right to say that "this was the best day of my life" or that "this was the happiest moment of my life", because everyday with Ben just gets better and I get happier. This man has changed me in many ways. He taught me how to be grateful and patient, loving and forgiving... He also taught me how to be beautiful both inside and out, and to be appreciative and more understanding.

I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him, knowing that he will continue to take care of me and our families, pick me up from the bus stop after work, enjoy a bowl of mee pok for brunch, eat the food that I cook, keep the laptop and tuck me into bed whenever I fall asleep watching Korean Dramas...

"I never knew that Love could be so simple, so fulfilling. Thank you for completing my life, Ben. Looking forward to many more years of happiness with you, even if it includes tolerating your smelly farts and thunderous snores."

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