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We attended the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Wedding Show 2 weeks back (27 Apr 2014) and would like to share on what we like or dislike about the location (there was nothing much to dislike about actually!).


1. The location is easily accessible by train, car, taxi, bus (and even plane). It was a plus point for us to consider as most of our relatives and friends are also staying in the East. Most of the time, there wouldn't be much traffic getting from the East to Changi Airport.

2. The Ballroom is located at the ground floor so it is convenient for guests who would like to take a smoke break.

3. The wedding packages are rather affordable (and that is one of our 3 main deciding factors on the venue we are to choose). Here are the updated prices for 2014 & 2015 that were given during the wedding show:

Prices increase every year. Can't imagine how much it will cost in future when our children get married! Yikes!

If you are interested in knowing what is offered in the menu, do drop us an email at & we will be able to scan them for you :)

4. The Ballroom has a very warm feel to it and you can request for the seating to be done either Long Aisle or Short Aisle.

Of course, the perks of having it Long Aisle is that you get a long march-in but there will be some compromise when it comes to seating limitations. If you are having more tables, it is still ideal to do it Short Aisle, which might be better as well, as the screens are just at each side of the stage.

We also felt that it would be easier to address guests while on stage if it was done Short Aisle :)

5. Refreshments were provided at the wedding show. Even though we are not able to give a review on the standard of the food that will be served at the banquet, we read at an online forum that most couples opt for the Western Menu for their weddings, so that must be pretty good and unique for couples who do not want a 10-course Chinese dinner!

6. At the guided tour of the hotel, we were shown the venues available for Solemnizations and also the Bridal suite & Deluxe Rooms. As mentioned in our earlier entry, our solemnization will be done at the church wedding itself so we didn't take any photos of the locations. Nevertheless, this was given by the hotel during the workshop:

The hotel rooms are pretty decent and the Bridal suite is spacious enough. We really liked how some of the rooms are facing the runway. It's not everyday that you can watch planes take-off and land from your window (the windows are all soundproof by the way, very very soundproof)!


1. The car park is shared between both the hotel and the airport. So if it happens to be a crowded afternoon/evening (which is usually the case during weekends), it may be difficult to find a lot near the lift lobby. Nevertheless, with 3 levels of car park space, I doubt that would be a huge problem.

2. If you are planning to have at least 30 tables at your wedding, this hotel might not be an option for you.

3. We probably didn't like how the corridors of the hotel rooms were not air-conditioned. It wouldn't be ideal for the Bride and Groom to be perspiring while waiting for the lift. If we did remember correctly, the corridors had an open-air concept so it wouldn't be pleasant if the ground was wet too.

No air-con + Wet Gown + Perspiring Groom = Unpleasant! 

But overall, we were satisfied with the venue. Sadly, because we are planning to have more than 28 tables at our celebration, we might be striking off this hotel from our list :( 

Drop us a comment or email ( if you have questions though! We might not be able to answer them all but we have friends who might be able to! :)

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