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We did receive quite a few recommendations that we should consider Swissotel Merchant Court as one of our wedding banquet options. So while Mel was checking up on wedding show dates one evening, we were delighted to find out that the hotel was organizing a Wedding Show in end April 2014. Unlike the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Wedding show, we had to pay S$28 per couple during registration for the Merchant Court show. It was quite worth it though, here's why...

1. The hotel prepared a sit-down 6 Course Lunch for us to enjoy that afternoon. We honestly didn't mind paying that price for it because for $14 each, we got to sample several dishes that was offered in their wedding menu. Some couples also took the opportunity to bring their parents along to view the location and had lunch together.

BBQ Combination (Baby Octopus, Prawn Salad, Money Bag, BBQ Pork Coin, Spiced Meat Roll)
It was strange having bak kwa as one of the items in the platter. The other items were pretty good though. We would probably opt for Jellyfish instead!

Pardon the bad picture quality, they had some mood lights turned on at the start of the meal.

Three Treasures Lobster Soup
Thumbs up! Better than Shark's Fin soup in any and every way!

Crispy Chicken with Thai Rice Crackers
Quite unique to pair it with crispy crackers but can do without! The chicken on the other hand was still juicy, not too dry overall.

Steamed Grouper in Hong Kong Style

Fried Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf
Ben quite liked the texture and taste of it. But we feel that most guests would be quite full towards the end of an 8-course meal and Noodles would be less heavy.

Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts and Pumpkin
Mel is Teochew and Yam Paste (Orh Nee) is her favourite chinese dinner dessert. In fact, both our families love it as well! We didn't like it with pumpkin though.

2. The Ballroom is column-less and located on the ground floor (easy for guests who need a smoke-break). They also have a function room which they can prepare for us for the tea ceremony if we would like it to be held at the hotel just before the dinner.

3. Location is pretty accessible by public transport with the nearest train station being Clarke Quay and it is also sheltered all the way from the train station to the hotel (takes less than 5 min to reach!). It's also away from the crowded Orchard area, if your guests are planning to take a taxi or drive there.

4. Prices of the packages are really affordable up till March 31 2015. Anything after and till early 2016 is more pricey, especially for Saturdays as they will be making it a "premium" day for banquets. Likewise for all or most hotels, the rate of packages increase yearly due to rising costs and competition etc, and tables can cost about $40-100 more each year. If you're intending of having a weekday banquet or Sunday lunch banquet, it is still pretty affordable and worth considering.

Here are some package prices from the wedding show (do ignore the perks as they might only be available during the show itself, but the price of the package should remain):

Till March 2015

From April 2015

5. We had the chance of speaking to one of the wedding coordinators in charge of weddings held at the hotel, during the intermission of the wedding show. Even if we do not intend to hold our wedding here in the end, we do recommend couples to engage Melissa as your coordinator. She has been very helpful from the start and even when she was on leave for a day, her colleague was notified of our emails and also followed up with our requests on her behalf. We've read up or heard about hotels who have great packages but do not get much help or guidance from their coordinators. Especially for couples who are the first amongst their relatives, siblings or friends to get married, the best help they can get is for someone to guide them through the process and procedure of the solemnization and banquet.

During the event, there was also a bridal gown showcase, a short talk by a renowned fengshui master, a bridal make-up demonstration and lucky draw (which we didn't stay for. haha!).


1. This may not be the grandest ballroom or newest hotel we've ever visited. But based on our first impression and feel, there was this sort of warmth that we got from viewing the hotel, which attracted us to enquire more.

2. The lighting of the ballroom wasn't to our liking on the day of the event, a tad bit old-fashion with occasional mood lights at the start of the event (also to suit the theme of the event). Not a huge matter though, as this can be discussed with the lighting crew on what you prefer on the day itself.

Tip: to those driving to wedding shows, you could request from the managers on duty if they offer a free parking coupon for that day itself. Most hotels do not announce it so you will have to ask instead. We didn't manage to get it from Crowne Plaza Changi Airport though, because the hotel shares its car park with the airport, unfortunately.

Another wedding banquet venue visited and reviewed. We hope that you are finding our wedding prep posts useful so far. While we are still unsure on our final decision at the moment, we have been researching on other stuff lately, like payment methods for packages, vendors for floral decorations, bridal boutiques etc. If you do have any recommendations on anything wedding-related, feel free to drop us an email at or comment at the end of the post! :)

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