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So after the engagement always comes the question "when are you getting married?!?". It becomes a greeting most of the time from close friends "congrats, when you getting married?" or "Eh, congrats ah brother, 你几时结婚?" Honestly speaking, we really don't know when yet, but we have what we want in mind and will take it one step at a time. Right now, a roof over our heads is a priority and as we have decided to get a resale flat, we might have to jump on any chance we have if we like what we see! (We haven't started viewing either! Oops)

Thanks to Mel's sis for getting us a Wedding Diary/Planner from Kikki.K and for a close friend Nikki for sharing with us her Budget sheet, we should be on the right track in planning for the Big Day! :)

1. Wedding Banquet Venue

Affordability, Food, Service.

We've ruled out Accessibility because it's quite true that sincere friends & relatives wouldn't mind traveling further if it's still within the country. That being said, we might not want it to be within Sentosa (even though the idea of a beach wedding or sea view is tempting) due to it being more inaccessible via public transport.

Over the past weekend, we have been attending several wedding shows/workshops with 1 - 2 more to come over the next few weeks. Will do up our reviews so that friends and readers are able to know more if they were unable to attend!

Please comment below if you have any recommendations on great banquet venues that you've had your wedding at or attended a wedding at recently! Good or bad, we would like to hear them! :)

2. Church Wedding

We are both Catholics so our Solemnization will be held at the church wedding service itself.

Just like many other religions, a few months before the actual day, we will have to attend a Marriage Preparation Course (MPC). For us, the course will be stretched over 6 Sundays.

The Church Wedding venue is set but we have yet to speak to the Priest whom we are engaging to celebrate our mass yet. Surprisingly, the chapel or main church slots have not been filled up for Q1 2015! It's quite tricky because we have to make sure that we are able to confirm both the church slot and hotel slot if we want them both on the same day. Crossing our fingers and praying hard that all will work in our favour!

Please comment below if you have any tasty and affordable recommendations on Lunch / Tea-time Food Catering Services! :)

3. Wedding Outfits

This is tricky but we are not very keen in getting bridal packages because there are some things we might not need or rather, might not want to spend too much money on. We are most probably going to look at alternatives to bridal boutiques / shops and one of which is to get them overseas. Getting it tailored might be another idea as well because you are able to choose the material and design to suit your budget.

We recently went back to MNL for a short trip and Jie brought us to a departmental store with beautiful (& affordable) gowns for sale.

This piece that Mel tried on was retailing for about S$500 and alteration services would be within the range of $15 - 20 only! So it's definitely an option!

As for Ben, we will get something tailored most definitely!

Do let us know if you have any recommendations on tailors for Ben or bridal shops for Mel that we can consider looking at! Something not too pricey of course! :)

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  1. ur wedding fown is beautiful! where did you get it from?
    im also looking for a budget wedding gown and evening gown for my wedding!

    1. Hi there!

      We were shopping at a departmental store in Philippines and Mel spontaneously tried out a gown for fun. It's really cheap to get gowns and suits there in Manila and the alteration is cheap as well.

      We will be sharing soon about the bridal shop that we have signed our package with a few months back. Unfortunately it isn't that "budget". You might want to check out Msia (JB). A friend of ours went there to rent the gowns and took their pre wed photos. But it's quite inconvenient to commute to and fro!


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