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One of our goals for 2014 would be to complete a full cycle (90 days) of P90x3 because we failed to do so last year (we have nothing to blame, just our lazy selves). Thankfully, the third version got released and each daily workout now takes up only 30min instead of the previous, which had each workout taking up between 1 - 1.5hours! Because of our crazy and inflexible work schedules last year, we only managed to complete about 45 days before giving up.

Despite starting our first P90x3 session on 1st Jan 2014, we have yet to complete the entire 90 days (ok, guilty as charged again... BUT...!). In between this cycle, we also include other forms of workout into our "keep-fit" goal.

For instance, Mel follows her mum for Body Sculpt class at Tampines once a week (it's damn good by the way, and cheap!) and while they have their mother-daughter bonding session there, Ben would head to the gym for an hour. On days in between when our schedules do not meet, we will choose our own exercises individually, according to which part of our body we would like to work on. Ben usually prefers to train his chest and does several reps of weight lifting at home (exercise bench, bar and weights purchased from, while Mel would do more yoga or work on her abs (which is still covered by a round blob of belly fat by the way).

We also started jogging near home every Sunday after work. It's quite a refreshing way to end the week, sweating it out before returning home to an awesome home-cooked dinner and enjoying some family time. Ben has been including "run a marathon with Mel" in his yearly goals but sadly, Mel thinks waking up before dawn or not sleeping the whole night just to go for a run isn't worth it. Oops!

Ever since we started our exercise regime this year, we have documented our daily log and progress on our instagram accounts. Surprisingly, we're getting more likes for our yoga / stretch poses than anything else. Haha, sorry to disappoint, but our flexibility is no where near perfect yet (and Ben is actually way more flexible than Mel, surprise surprise!).

That Zen face on Ben is misleading. He is usually full of goof (and fart) while doing yoga. Hmm...

Speaking of Yoga, we have just signed up for a 4-lessons trial at Real Yoga, recommended by a friend to purchase it via Groupon. We really hate pushy sales people and have blocked several yoga schools because of their unending cold calls. If the price is reasonable and the lessons are good, we might continue to sign on a package. The deal is still on, at $25 for 4 lessons (per person), or $45 for 4 lessons (for 2 persons). Will blog about it if it's good!

Follow our P90x3 progress on Instagram: #MelBenP90x3

Of course, other than wanting to keep healthy and fit, we are also trying to cut down some fats before our wedding photoshoot and wedding. It's still some time away, but it's always good to start early! 

We want to eventually move on to working out in the morning so that we can make it a priority in our to-do list before it falls out of the list. But first...we got to work our body clock to sleep earlier! =/ Do share with us what other sports activities you would do with your other half and how do you keep in shape just before your wedding? We'd like to know! :)

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