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There are many versions of timelines and checklists available on the web, but do remember to search for those in Singapore because the Western timelines would be rather different from Traditional Chinese Weddings. We've done our research and realized that most websites have their timelines from 12 months till the actual day of the wedding. If you're easily stressed and bad in managing time (or a Bridezilla, haha!), it's always better to start planning more than 12 months prior to your wedding!

So, based on what we need and are having for our wedding, here is our Wedding Prep Timeline and Checklist for your Big Day. Kindly note that we are not engaging a Wedding Planner or getting external vendors for decorations or invitation cards. Hence, we have created our own wedding to-do list, which might be more appropriate for couples doing the same :)

> 12 months (but after the engagement)

  • Attend as many wedding fairs / shows at hotels or shopping malls to get an idea of the different venues or bridal shops you might be interested in. Click here for the Schedule of Wedding Shows, all thanks to
  • Create an email account for both you and your partner to use for all wedding-related emails (Gmail preferred, so that you can create Google Spreadsheets to share with each other and also your bridesmaids/groomsmen later on)
  • Estimated Guest list from the Groom, Bride, Parents, Parents-in-law (Draft 1)
  • Organize a Meet-the-Parents session (Click on link to read about our experience!)
  • Select your Wedding Date 
  • Shortlist Wedding Venues (hotels / restaurants / church) according to your preferences
  • Call up shortlisted venues and enquire on the availability of the venue on your preferred date
  • Plan for your Church Wedding (Click on link for our Part 1 Guide to Holy Matrimony)
  • Shortlist Bridal Shops according to your preferences
  • Shortlist Pre-wedding and Actual Day Photographers and Videographers according to your preferences
  • Set a Wedding Budget
  • Source for suitable credit cards that would offer the best rebates for your purchases (will be coming up with a Blogpost soon on this!) 

We would like to emphasize how important it is for couples to set a Wedding Budget. Even though we all know that this is a once in a lifetime event, you really wouldn't want to lend up in debt after your wedding, or be penalized by the bank each month because of overdue credit card charges.    

11 - 12 months
  • Book your Church Wedding Venue
  • Register for Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) or Marriage Preparation Course (MPC)
  • Create "Wedding Spending" Spreadsheet to note down how much has been spent (and will be spent in the coming months)
  • Book Wedding Banquet Venue and place deposit (usually 30% or 50% of total amount)
  • Book Bridal Shop Package and place deposit (usually 50% of total amount)
  • Book Photographers and Videographers, and place deposit (usually 50% of total amount)
  • Fix date for Pre-wedding photoshoot with Photographer and Bridal shop (if using gowns for photos)
  • Source for tailors or gown rental shops for Mother's & Mother-in-law's Gowns
  • Select Bridesmaids & Groomsmen, Flower Girl and Page Boy
  • Decide on Wedding Style / Theme / Colour-theme (we recommend downloading the Pinterest App to get started!)

Keep tab on your wedding spending in a Google spreadsheet or excel sheet and record everything neatly, including receipt numbers and mode of payment (by cheque, cash, credit card etc.). Always tally spending with budget list to check if you're on track!

9 - 10 months

  • Shortlist Caterers for Church Lunch Buffet
  • Shortlist Musicians for Wedding Banquet 
  • Shop around and shortlist favourite wedding ring designs / shops
  • Source for tailors, shops or online shops for Bridesmaids outfits
  • Arrange with Bridal Shop assistant for your first appointment to try out some gowns
  • Plan your honeymoon (always good to plan early so that you can lookout for cheap(er) tickets!)
  • Book hotel, air tickets & travel insurance for honeymoon
  • Send Save-the-Date messages to confirmed guests and relatives

It's never too early to inform your guests about your wedding date (if it's booked already) because if you happen to book it on a popular date, there is a chance that friends and relatives may have other weddings or events to attend. In other words, you get to CHOPE (i.e. reserve) them first.

6 - 8 months
  • Make a trip to the Bridal Shop to shortlist gowns for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot and Actual Day Wedding
  • Finalize Mothers' Gowns designs at Tailor 
  • Schedule to go for more regular Facials (brides, don't just pamper yourself, remember to bring the groom along too!) for the remaining months leading up to your wedding day!
  • Purchase wedding rings from Jeweler
  • Book Wedding car & assign drivers for the cars
  • Book Musicians / Wedding Band for Wedding Banquet
  • Design and print Church Wedding Invitation cards
  • Purchase items for 过大礼 (both Bride and Groom)
  • Order Wedding Cake (for Church Wedding)

One trip to the Bridal Shop might not be enough because you might not like anything from that particular collection or the gown that you want has already been reserved by another bride. But don't give up, because sometimes if you wait a little longer, the right one will appear (just like finding the right man, Mel says. Haha).

3 - 5 months
  • Take pre-wedding photographs
  • Confirm Actual Wedding Day Gowns and Suits (1st Bridal Fitting)
  • Meet up with Church Wedding co-ordinator and wedding decorations team
  • Arrange for 2nd Meeting with the Priest (Celebrant for your Holy Matrimony) after getting ready the MPC or CEE course certificate and updated Baptism certificate
  • Check with the Church choir (of your choice) if they are available to sing for your wedding 
  • File application for marriage with ROM (at least 3 months before your wedding)
  • Prepare duty list for Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and wedding helpers and hold a first meeting to run through their programme and duties for the actual day 
  • Organize Hen's and Stag night
  • Come up with Seating Plan for Wedding Banquet
  • Choose Wedding Invitation Card design (from hotel for Banquet)
  • Choose wedding decoration, flowers and theme for dinner banquet
  • Collect Church Wedding Invitation Cards
  • Arrange for Food Tasting Session
  • Arrange 过大礼 date

This might also be a good time to tone up the body for the actual day! Don't go full force and end up having your leg in a cast though! Keep it easy and take it one step at a time. Don't expect yourself to run 10km or lift heavy kilos if you haven't been exercising for a very long time. 

2 months
  • Attend Food Tasting session at chosen hotel / restaurant 
  • Confirm food and beverages for church wedding and banquet
  • Choose wedding favours (if using from wedding package by the hotel)
  • Mail Invitation Cards (Church and Banquet) and request for RSVP
  • Collect Wedding Rings from Jeweler
  • Try out Actual Day Wedding Gowns and Suits to see if any last minute alteration is needed (2nd Bridal Fitting)
  • Bring Mothers' to tailor to try out customized Gowns to see if any last minute alteration is needed
  • Purchase Bridesmaids outfits
  • Purchase Flower Girl and Page Boy outfits
  • Choose pre-wedding photographs 
  • Select music for wedding march-in and first dance (we've shortlisted what we want for ours. Oops, too early?!)
  • Print Church Programme Booklet (for priest and Wedding couple)
  • Arrange for Church Wedding rehearsal & check with helpers, parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen on their availability
  • Write Speeches and toasts

If there's anything left that is important to do, this is a good time to strike them off your task-list instead of pushing it to the month before your wedding. At this point of time, expect many friends and relatives to ask "Eh so how ah, your wedding prep. Ok anot? Ready anot?". 

1 month
  • Final Dress Fitting at Bridal Shop
  • Collect Mothers' Gowns from Tailor
  • Chase guests who have not RSVP-ed for Church Wedding and Dinner Banquet
  • Finalize Wedding Guest list
  • Finalize entire Wedding Day Programme (Church, Tea Ceremony and Banquet)
  • Finalize AV arrangements (Church, Banquet)
  • Pay 2nd Deposit for Wedding Banquet to hotel (some hotels will request for this 3 months before wedding)
  • Meet up with Wedding Consultant for Banquet to go through the confirmed layout and procedure for the actual wedding
  • Prepare the necessary for Tea Ceremony
  • Hold 过大礼 ceremony

You will feel like your heart is beating fast most of the days in this month. If it's because you're excited for your Big Day, that's great! But if it's because you are lost with all that planning... get organized and back in track! Expect a few turndowns from guests at this point of time. Don't pressure them to turn up if they really aren't able to. 

2 weeks

  • Finalize Seating Plan according to the most updated Guest list
  • Final confirmation of guest attendance, floor plan and wedding programme
  • Confirmation of Bridal Cars arrangement
  • Hold Church Wedding Rehearsal (parents, helpers, bridesmaids and groomsmen to attend if possible)
  • Hold Hen's & Stag night
  • Collect Marriage Certificate from ROM 

Bridesmaids, go easy on the bride during her Hen's night. 
Groomsmen, go easier on the groom during his Stag night.

1 week
  • Collect Gowns and Suits
  • Prepare Red packets for Wedding Helpers
  • Pack luggage for Honeymoon (if leaving right after wedding day)
  • Pack clothes and toiletries for hotel stay on the night of your wedding
  • Confirm transportation and logistics with photographers, videographers, make-up artists and wedding helpers
  • Prettify your nails with a good manicure and pedicure (include the Groom too, he might do with some foot scrub and massage!

People would ask you to "Relax" during this time. These are the people that probably aren't married yet. Haha! But honestly, get help if you need it. Save being Superman and Superwoman till another time!

1 day before

  • Drive bridal cars to Bridal Shop / Florist for floral decorations
  • Collect fresh flowers and Hand Bouquet
  • Confirm Transportation for the Wedding Day
  • Put on a facial mask, some classical music and have an early night's rest

And say a little prayer to thank God for all his help thus far. Even though certain things may not have gone according to plan, He has his reasons. 

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Many friends have been telling us to "enjoy the process of planning for your wedding day" and we have been! Everyday we spend a little time together as a couple, discussing about the details and trying to strike our to-dos off the list bit by bit. 

We're thankful that both of us have the same thinking and are on the same page in what we want for our wedding. Thank you, for being you :)

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