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If you've read our earlier post, you'd know that we had Brought Forward our Wedding to Jan 2015 instead of sticking to our previous month of June 2015. So we apologise for our short hiatus in Nov and Dec as we were tying up loose ends with the wedding and at home. But we promise to share with you on the vendors we highly recommend because we felt that they did a great job in making our wedding day such a smooth and enjoyable one!

We previously shared about our Bridal Shop Hunting journey and what is usually included in Bridal Packages so do read up that post if you're preparing for your wedding as well.

For us, we initially signed 3 packages with WhiteLink Bridal:

1. Actual Day + Indoor Local Photo shoot (Basic Gowns)
2. Korea Pre-wedding Photo shoot in April 2015
3. Actual Day Photography + Videography (will blog about this in a separate blogpost soon!),

but chose to cancel our Korea Photo shoot as we found it quite pointless for our photos to be taken and printed after our wedding. However, as Mel was not satisfied with the basic gowns provided in the package she had gotten (and also because it was a rule to reuse the gowns from the photo shoot for the actual day wedding, which we didn't know about earlier), we rented her Actual Day gowns from another Bridal Studio.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the process of our local pre-wedding shoot taken in the studio and would like to share the fantastic job they did in getting our photos out for us within 2 weeks.

Sales in-charge: Vennice
Photo Shoot Make-up Artist (MUA): Emily, 92230661 @emilylimmua
Actual Day Wedding Make-up Artist (MUA): Ashley
Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Photographer: Jacky

Sales in-charge
We were assigned to Vennice from Day 1 and she called Mel some time in July to get us to book a trip down to the Bridal studio to choose the gowns we would like for the photo shoot. We made 2 trips down to the studio before finalising our outfits. However, one of the outfits Mel chose (a red oriental dress) was no longer available on our new photo shoot date so Vennice swapped it out to a Designer range gown (the purple oriental gown as seen below in photos) at no additional cost. All of Ben's suits in the photo shoot were also rented from the studio but he did not take them for the Actual Day wedding too.

Vennice was really efficient and on the ball. Whenever she was busy attending to other customers, she would call us back at a later time, even if it meant at 10pm after packing up.

Make-up Artist (MUA) for Photo shoot

Quite a few changes were made to Mel's MUA and while she hoped for the same MUA to do her pre-wedding shoot as well as her Actual Day wedding, there was some miscommunication in the timing she needed the MUA to be at the locations, and so they had to reassign another person to do Mel's AD make-up.

Mel didn't do much homework for the kind of hairstyle or look she wanted so she left it entirely to Emily that morning of the photo shoot. Ben always says that people will mistake Mel for being older than him (tsk) so Emily just had to do the job of not making Mel look too "old" in photos.
Makeup really does wonders! We were actually very tired from all the wedding and home preparations so we relied heavily on the wonders of concealers to cover all our tiredness. 

Emily's rates should be quite reasonable so do give her a call if you're interested in dolling up for your wedding or an event. Let her know that you were recommended by Melody (@strawmelly).

Make-up Artist (MUA) for Actual Day

WhiteLink then reassigned another MUA for the Actual Day wedding. Unfortunately, she is not allowed to do freelance as she only can only accept clients within the bridal studio. So we won't be able to share her contact with you guys. Mel really liked her morning as well as night hair-do and as usual, all she did was to ask for Ashley to work her magic.

However, if there are any WhiteLink brides who wish to have recommendations on MUA, you can request for Ashley. She usually follows the team overseas for Photo shoots.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot Photographer

We chose Jacky as our photographer for the photo shoot because we were more impressed with his profile as compared to the other in-house photographers the studio had. And we were right! Even though at times it was difficult for Mel to accept the cold jokes he said during the photo taking process (say no to cold jokes!), the photo shoot went very smoothly and we were glad we didn't have to do poses we found too cheesey or corny.

Also, the photos were not heavily photoshopped and thankfully we still look pretty much like ourselves. Have a look!

(Pardon Ben's braceface, it was too early to get it removed and it was one of the last things on our mind anyway)

All the photos were taken within the Kaki Bukit Studio and we were very amazed with Jacky's skills. He took the effort to climb up ladders and came up with artistic shots, which we found very unique and happy with. We highly recommend Jacky if you are deciding on a WhiteLink in-house photographer!

To view all 32 photos we had chosen and printed, click on this link.

Our package consisted of the following prints and we could choose what pattern we preferred for the albums and what frame designs for the photo frames:

Photo album (Big) - which we only brought for our dinner banquet because we prepared some other decorations for the reception table at church. 

Photo album (Small) - great if you need to bring it around for gatherings with your relatives or friends who didn't attend your wedding

Photo frame (small) - would love to put this up in the living or study room of our new home in future! 

Guestbook (which we used for the dinner banquet because our lunch caterer provided one for the afternoon as well!)

Photo frame (wall) - we chose this frame which was easier to clean and it matches our bed frame too! (Will post photos of our room in an upcoming entry!)

Thank you cards (36 pieces, 12 x 3 images chosen) - which we prepared and gave relatives and several vendors. 

All edited photos were returned in a CD so that we could upload them onto our social media platforms, or in our case, use it for our church wedding invites. The Bridal Studio gave us an option of purchasing more photos for the album or as soft copies but we knew from the start that we would never want to spend extra money on that. They were also not pushy, which was great because we are quite turned off by such tactics. 

We got our bridal car decorated there too and the Bears they provided were so cute! The day before the wedding, we were actually quite free because Mel planned for all our preparations to end 3 days before the wedding so that we didn't need to tire ourselves out. So we drove the bridal car to the studio to get it flower powered. It was really cute watching the Bears sit in front, especially when the lady bear's veil was flying with the wind...

and so was Mel's hair the day after as well. Haha! Mum insisted for photos with the bridal car before they removed all the decor. 

In a way, you can say that it was quite a waste that neither of us made use of the outfits provided for our actual day wedding because Ben wanted to tailor his own suits (which we couldn't in the end because of time constraints so we bought and altered them. Will share more in our AD outfit post soon!) as well. We only rented a Lunch Reception White gown for Mel (because she didn't want to dirty her White Wedding Gown, which had a long train so it was difficult to manoeuvre at the Lunch Reception) and a Chinese Collar Suit for Ben for the tea ceremony. Our groomsmen had their own suits and so did Ben's dad and brothers. So we negotiated for other items like bouquets for all 4 bridesmaids.

We were a little upset though that they had forgotten to pass us the wrist corsages for the bridesmaids during our item collection the day before the wedding (so we had to call our florist 12 hours before the wedding to prepare and bring them to church in the morning) but it was also our fault for not remembering. 

Overall, we are both satisfied with how WhiteLink was speedy in doing up our albums for us given the short timeline they had to work with during the busy end-of-year wedding season. We do recommend our readers to engage them for your pre-wedding photo shoot (we're sure the photos from the Korea trip would have turned out great if we had gone for it) but you may also want to top up an extra $2000+ to have your gowns in the designer range instead. As for the men, stick with tailoring your suits or buying them off the shelf. You will probably need a suit or two in your closet for future events any way :)

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