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Do you have friends who rather keep their wedding planning a secret, even though their wedding is long over? Have you encountered trying to get recommendations from them, only to be told that you should try searching online for answers instead because they are being selfish busy? Haha. We've had a few moments of that while we were preparing for our own wedding and we doubt that we are the only one who face that. Surely Google is our good friend and Mel does a lot of comparison in package prices and vendors on her own, but does it really kill to share good deals with your friends, especially if your wedding is already over?

We're glad to be of help to our friends preparing for their wedding and whatever good deals that we have gotten for our wedding, we are more than happy to share with friends on how they can benefit too :)

It isn't difficult to find a florist to decorate your church or venue on your wedding day. We feel that the factors which differentiate vendors from each other would be the price, as well as the service offered.

When we decided to Bring Forward our Wedding by 5 months, we had to contact the vendors Mel had previously shortlisted to see if they were still available on our new wedding date. We didn't have to engage a decor team for our dinner banquet as MBS provides 3 vendors for us to choose from (decorations are within the package) so it was only the Main Church that we had to decorate. Out of the handful that we had shortlisted, the vendor which stood out most was 85 Flowers.

Lindt (from 85 Flowers) was God-sent. 

She took our call on a busy Saturday afternoon despite her rushing to a decorate a client's wedding venue and she followed up via email and whatsapp later that night when she was available. We were a little upset when we found out via the 85 Flowers FB Page that slots were fully taken up on our new wedding date but later clarified with Lindt and thankfully she was able to slot us in.

Her rates were reasonable for us and it was easy to meet up with her to discuss about the flowers and design we wanted because her shop is at Blk 85 Bedok North Rd #01-135 to 138 (more commonly known as Bedok 85), relatively convenient to where we are staying.

The rates provided below are for using Roses and Gerberas:

ROM table flowers - $50 and above
ROM chair décor - $20 * 2 and above
Flower stands - $200 and above
Altar flowers - $100 and above
Pews - $12 each and above

Delivery and setup $40 for orders below $600.
Teardown is complimentary for 85 Flowers!
(some vendors would ask for a fee if you'd like them to remove the decorations for you after your wedding. Well, you could ask your friends or bridal party for help if you want to save on that!)

* Kindly note that the above prices might be subjected to change by 85 Flowers*

They do not have a fixed package unlike some other vendors, so they basically see what you want and need for your wedding. She did mention to us that couples would spend (on average) between $500 to $800 on the overall decorations, depending on their requirement.

Of course flowers like Hydrangeas would cost more if you would like that in your bouquet or decoration. We are unsure how much it would cost for Bridal Bouquets or a Floral Arch because we didn't want or need any of those. But feel free to drop Lindt an email at and she can drop you a quote and share some photos with you on what they offer.

As Ben was busy with Home Renovations, Mel and her Mum dropped by Lindt's place (because her shop was closed that day) to discuss on the colour theme we wanted. Initially, we were told that our church had an in-house florist who would be able to decorate the venue for us for a fee. However, they no longer do so and we had to engage an external vendor to do the job for us. We definitely wanted to find someone reliable and with experience in doing Church Weddings. Here's a background on how 85 Flowers came about:

"Mrs Teo (Lindt's mum) was a wedding gown designer back in her twenties when she became a homemaker after the birth of her 2 children. During her free time, she would enrol in floral classes and soon realised that she still love working with colours and could use her expertise in bridal gowns to help couples with their selections for wedding floral. With the encouragement of her family members, 85 Flowers was established in 1998 and never looks back since.

With an eye for details and enthusiasm to her work, Mrs Teo enjoyed every moments of creating magic for each individual couple’s weddings. With the help of her daughter (Lindt), both of them now work as a team to deliver the best affordable packages and ensuring maximum satisfaction for all their treasured customers." 

Lindt shared with us that she and her mum would decorate an average of 10-12 church weddings every month, so we knew that we were in safe hands when we left Lindt to suggest and decide on almost everything for us. We had set aside a budget of $600 and we didn't want to have anything too over-the-top because the church was beautiful enough and we believe that the ceremony was more important than anything else. We did a pretty good job of keeping to our budget and only spent an extra $34 ($24 was because our bridal shop had forgotten to pass us the bridesmaids corsages so a frantic Mel had to call Lindt 12 hours before the wedding to check if she could rush out 4 corsages for us... and she did!!!). Here's a breakdown of our spending:

Pews (x16): White organza sash with 6 blooms - 2 dark purple eustomas, 2
cream roses, 2 light purple roses with fillers = $400
All flowers are yours to keep, except for the sash which will be collected during tear-down.

Altar flowers (x2 baskets) - 50cm x 60cm tall = $160
We left the altar flowers behind after the wedding so that the church can use it for the weekends' services. In a way, it is the blessing from the wedding couple to the church.

Couple chairs (x2) = $50

Floral Corsages (x4) = $24
We asked Lindt to come up with a simple design with pink ribbons so that it could match the Bridesmaid dresses. It looked really beautiful beside the bridesmaid bouquets as well, don't you think? :)

One of Mel's favourite photos captured by Uncle Felix that morning of her Dad giving her a tight hug after walking her down the aisle, which was prettified by Lindt and her mum.

We highly recommend 85 Flowers if you are considering engaging an external vendor for your church wedding. You can mention to Lindt that you were referred to by Melody & Benjamin ( 

Moving on... we decided to work our hands on some DIY flowers and decorations for the Church Parish Hall, which would be used for the Lunch Reception after the ceremony. This was when we found out that Ben is quite gifted with floral arrangement! We managed to score some good deals by purchasing flowers from GG Fresh Flowers (Tampines Street 85) and spent a total of $69 for big bundles of Baby's Breath, Lattice and Caspia.

What took 20 minutes per arrangement at first, then took 15 minutes, then 8 minutes to complete... In less than a day, the dining table was filled with vases and vases of flowers.

We decided on these blooms because they were able to last longer and were relatively cheaper to make into bundles. Because we needed to start arranging them early (about 4 days before the wedding), the flower shop recommended us to buy a packet of flower food (50c per packet only!) to drop into the water buckets, which we were keeping the flowers in at home.

The glasses, which we used as vases for the tables, were bought from IKEA at a super low price of $1.80 for 6 glasses! As for the table signs, Ben got them printed with his office printer so we spent little on it.

We had quite an amount of leftover flowers after arranging 20 bouquets so we used the remaining flowers on the plain ribbons that the Bridal shop gave (pfft), which made the cars look a lot better after!

Our advice is not to spend too much money on your wedding decorations because not many people are going to remember the colour of your table cloths or the type of flowers you used. We would rather save that money and use it on decorations for our new home :)

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