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If you had read our previous blogpost on our Pre-wedding Bridal Outfits and Photoshoot, you would know that we had decided to engage a different Bridal Studio for the Actual Day gown rentals as we were not satisfied with the basic gown choices provided at that particular shop. Coincidentally, Mel was not alone in this as her bridesmaid Andrea was facing the same issue with a different bridal shop and was looking for other options in renting the gowns ala carte for her AD Wedding.

While helping to source for vendors, Mel chanced upon Bridal Affairs, a home-based bridal studio in Tampines, with packages starting from only $398 for 2 wedding gowns from their basic range (no joke, it is that cheap!).

The package is inclusive of:

  • Free rental of accessories on wedding day (1 set of necklace, earrings, hair accessories for bride)
  • Free rental of tie or bow (if groom is renting suits as well)
  • Free alteration of size of dress, length of cuffs and pants (but length of dress alterations come with a fee)
  • Free basic dry cleaning for all rented gowns and suits (be very careful not to spill wine, get flower dye or candle wax on your outfits. these might be chargeable up till $1,500!)

Should you wish to get gowns from the higher end range, here are the Top up prices:
  • Classic Gowns + $198 each
  • Premium Gowns + $388 each
  • Super Premium Gowns + $498 each
  • Elite Gowns +$688 each 

Bridal Affairs also does Made-to-measure gowns so feel free to contact them on that and they will quote you after you've given them your design and material that you want. 

And here is our honest review on Bridal Affairs Studio.

The gowns are sourced from countries like Korea, USA and Europe so you are to expect a higher quality of gowns and better materials used. Apart from that, all the gowns are kept in their garment bags and hung up neatly on racks so as to keep the gowns in pristine condition.

After hearing great reviews from Andrea about her visit to the studio and her process of trying some gowns (yes, very seldom would you find a bridal studio that is willing to let you try as many gowns as you like within the 1.5 hour appointment), Mel went along to book an appointment with Christin (lady boss of Bridal Affairs) and Connie (Christin's right-hand 'woman' who was of great help throughout!).

Brides who detest pushy salespeople would be glad to know that Bridal Affairs was non-pushy from the start to the end. They do not hard sell, nor do they slash their package prices crazily just to get you to sign up with them. Every visit to their studio left us contented and satisfied with the service we received and Mel was always looking forward to her next appointment / gown fitting session because Christin and Connie were very fun to talk to and they constantly gave us any advice they could about our wedding preparations since they understood our situation.

After 2 satisfied appointments and nods from both Ben and Mel's mum, Mel was ready to shortlist the gowns for the AD Wedding and booked an appointment with Christin to confirm her gown selection For gown selections, you are entitled to a 3 hour weekday slot instead of the usual 1.5 - 2 hours and you can book as many appointments as you want if you feel that 3 hours is not enough. We felt that this was very fair of them because we have read online reviews on how several bridal shops rush their clients through their outfit selection process (perhaps due to their tight schedule).

Here are some visuals from Mel's Gown Selection day (you will only be allowed to take photos once you've signed a package with Bridal Affairs. This is not the same for all bridal studios. Some studios forbid all sorts of photography even if you tell them that it will be just for personal use!):



We were looking for 

  1. A WHITE GOWN with long train, no plunging necklines, fitted at the waist but still covering fat belly (oops! we hardly exercised before the wedding. in fact, we ate more than we should have!) 
  2. An EVENING GOWN which had a bolder colour to fit in with our dinner venue, no orange / green, open to all cuttings & designs

Do you know that there is a superstition that the Groom is not supposed to see the Bride in her wedding dress before the wedding day? Which is why some Brides prefer not to have their husbands-to-be follow them to choose gowns. Apparently, in olden days, because arranged marriages were very common, parents were afraid that once the groom sees his future wife before the wedding, he would back out after finding out that she is not attractive enough. Hence, the groom would only see his bride at the wedding ceremony itself, in actual fact after he unveils her. Nowadays, we can only think that the reason why Brides would prefer to do so is because they want to keep their Grooms in suspense, a lovely surprise to catch his reaction as they walk down the aisle on the wedding day.

As for us, we were very much involved in each others' outfit selection process because we always had the habit of getting each other's opinions before we buy new clothes. While Ben followed Mel for her first 2 appointments at Bridal Affairs, Mel also saw the suits that Ben intended to buy for the wedding. It was lovely though, that the gowns Mel selected in the end were Daddy-approved on the actual wedding day (he was the one who was kept in suspense actually!).

Speaking of suits, Men's suits are also available for rent at Bridal Affairs. We wrote in one of our previous entries that Ben did not want to rent suits from Whitelink because he knew that he would need at least 1 set for future use (either a friend's wedding or work event). Which is why he decided to get his suits from G2000 few weeks before the big day. Most of Ben's work shirts and pants are bought from G2000 and their fit is close to perfect for him all the time. However, the alteration process this time round took longer than usual and we had to return several times to get it re-altered.

One tip that we advise would be to get someone experienced with buying and wearing suits (on a more often basis) to accompany you, whether if you're buying a suit off the shelf or getting it tailored. We are thankful to have Mel's Dad to accompany Ben as he was able to advise Ben on the lengths of his suits, materials and colours he should avoid etc.

Total spent on 2 formal suits (2 blazers, 3 shirts, 2 pants) = $562

It is possible to spend below this amount and our initial idea was to get it tailored at a shop recommended by our brother in law. However, due to our last minute decisions to bring forward our wedding and the tailor not being around in Dec, we had to source for other ways to settle Ben's outfits and we are very satisfied with our decision in the end.

Here are some photos of our outfits on our wedding day:

The final church wedding gown Mel chose was from the Premium Range - a cross-ruching bustier top and a long train. Veil and Jewellery set from Bridal Affairs. Hair Accessories from engaged MUA Ashley. 

The final evening gown Mel chose was from the Classic Range - a Fuchsia Pink trumpet gown which had flower petal details. Jewellery set from Bridal Affairs. Hair Accessories from engaged MUA Ashley.

After top ups, Total spent on gowns from Bridal Affairs = $1,094

We certainly received many compliments on our outfits and overall look. Friends and readers have been approaching us on where we had rented the gowns after seeing our posts on Instagram and Facebook and we are happy to share that choosing Bridal Affairs was certainly a wise choice made. Especially for brides who wish to go ala carte for their wedding, their affordability will help to keep you within budget.

As we did no dieting or much exercising before our wedding due to the mad rush to get all logistics settled, Mel had to get her gown adjusted several times within the 2 weeks before the big day. However, Christin did whatever she could to get the gowns in time as she also wanted Mel to look good in them. So a special thanks to Christin and Connie for your tremendous help and efforts in making our wedding day a memorable one.

Bridal Affairs (by appointment only):
Whatsapp - 9228 8380
(do let them know you were recommended by Benjamin & Melody /
Email -
Add - 163 Tampines Street 12

We recommend for you to drop them a message before calling just in case they are busy with other brides. Alternatively, they do reply emails rather quickly as well. Have fun and we hope that you will enjoy your bridal gown selection process as much as we did!

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  1. Thanks for the Bridal Affairs review! I'm taking my photoshoot and perhaps 1 AD gown from them and the gown you selected was in one of my shortlist! haha :) Looking forward to your MBS post as my wedding banquet is also at MBS! We have quite a bit of similarities - my fiance and I are also a Catholic couple!

    1. Hi Si Yi,

      Great to know that we have similar taste! Yes we will definitely be blogging about our MBS wedding (you have to look out for our post on the suite, it was beautiful!). Do add me on FB or IG as I'd love to see your wedding pics soon as well. All the best in your prep journey and do email us if you need any recommendations!

  2. Thanks for the sharing. It really helps!! Looks like Bridal Affairs has got the nice gowns and good package offerings.

    Thanks babe!


  3. hi hi! Can i find out if the $1094 for gowns, does it include make up artist?? And did you get your own corsage, car decorations etc?

    1. Nope it doesn't. But if you read one of my other entries, I actually signed up with another Bridal Shop prior to bridal affairs. So that settled my car decor and other stuff :)


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