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A few days before New Year's 2015, we received an email invitation for a Food Tasting session at Chicken Legend, situated at 15 Upper East Coast Road. It was a busy period for us as we were rushing through out wedding preparations since we Brought Forward our Wedding by 5 months. So when the opportunity came to thank our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen for their hard work and effort in ensuring our wedding day went by smoothly, we decided to treat them to a meal at Chicken Legend in February.

Chicken Legend was founded by friends Dylan and Jasper, who were keen on introducing a new steamboat eating concept in Singapore. You may be surprised to know that the soup is made entirely from Coconut + Water only, with no artificial seasonings or sweeteners added to the soup at all. We were all quite skeptical about how it would taste because we were coconut juice lovers (put coconut juice on any beach menu and we would order it on a hot and sunny day!) but never thought that it would ever be made into a soup base!

Coconuts imported from Malaysia

This idea originated from Shenzhen China and we think that the one who invented it is a genius and it was a clever move for Dylan and Jasper to introduce it in Singapore because... who doesn't love steamboat? You eat it when it's hot (and you can keep it hot throughout your entire meal) and you can put whatever ingredients you fancy into the pot.

We left the ordering to the owners and asked them to serve us their specialties because we were willing to try anything that they served.

We were given a Regular Set (each set is able to feed about 2 - 3 pax) which included a Whole Kampong Chicken,

and also a Meat Set which came with Shabu Shabu Pork and Beef.

Also added in each set menu are Prawns, Sweet Corn (a must have in steamboat meals!), Golden Mushroom, Cabbage, Mushroom ball and Crabstick.

As you can see, the soup looked completely like water. While leaving it to heat up before adding the chicken cubes, we mixed our dipping sauce according to how spicy we liked it to be. The soya sauce is homemade from over 10 different herbs, and it is served with garlic, chilli and lime. It was a really good combination to dip the meat into!

They also have an Add-on and Combo menu if you prefer more meat or vegetables in your pot! We had really big eaters in our group of 6 (the both of us are big eaters ourselves!) so we ordered more items like a Meat Combo (the Korean pork belly is another item you must try!), Dory Fish and Taiwan Sausage.

The menu items are affordably priced as you can see below.

The best part of it is that the meat, seafood and vegetables were fresh and the soup was healthy and contained no MSG. We were all very satisfied after a good meal and what made it better was that we did not feel thirsty at all (you know how some steamboat places would add so much msg into their soup just to make it tasty but leaving you thirsty...).

Our families are both steamboat lovers as well and it is not only during Chinese New Year that you would see it cooking on our dining table. However, a lot of washing needs to be done after every steamboat meal, especially since there are 12 of us in Ben's family. If you'd like to minus the hassle of preparing it on your own or would like a healthier option for your soup base, do try out Chicken Legend's Coconut Steamboat.

Specially for readers of MelBenGets, you are entitled to the following promotions for Mother's Day and for the month of May if you flash this blog post or quote "MelBenGets":

On Mother's Day (10 May 2015) only,
Spend $35 and get a free plate of Fresh Tiger Prawns or
Spend $85 and get a free plate of Seafood Combo (worth $19)!

Free Beef Shabu Shabu or Korean Pork belly with any order, no minimum spending.
(Valid till 21st May, except on Mother's Day)

We want to thank Jasper and Dylan for inviting us for a wonderful meal and we wish you guys all the best in your entrepreneurial journey and that you will achieve greater heights in your business :)

Visit Chicken Legend today;

Address: 15 Upper East Coast Road, Soy Eu Tua 小而大餐室 Coffeeshop, Singapore 455207
Opening hours: 5.30 - 11pm daily (except Mondays)
Call for reservation: 92950650 (especially on weekends & public holidays)

- Note: This is not an ad. We were paying customers that evening -

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