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When choosing our wedding dinner banquet venue, the bridal suite was not one of our main priorities because we were more concern with the quality of the food served at our wedding dinner.

Will blog about our Wedding Banquet at MBS soon! :)

Marina Bay Sands was the 3rd wedding location that we had recced after attending the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport (click to read review) and Swissotel Merchant Court (click to read review) Wedding Shows. Special thanks to Ben's cousin in law, who works in MBS, for extending the wedding show perks for us because we missed the show by a week or two!

Here is the full list of perks that we had gotten when we signed in 2014:

- 10% off total banquet bill
- Complimentary free flow of beer during dinner
- Complimentary free flow of wine during dinner
- Waiver of corkage for up to 5 bottles of spirits (750ml, sealed & duty paid) OR Waiver of corkage for up to 18 bottles of wine (750ml, sealed & duty paid)
- Complimentary 2nd night stay in a Bridal Suite at Marina Bay Sands Hotel with breakfast for 2 persons at the Sands SkyPark
- Complimentary 1 night stay in a Deluxe Room for helpers

We were also offered to choose 1 more additional item to enjoy from this list:

- Complimentary 60-min couple massage at award winning Banyan Tree Spa (choice of
Asian Blend, Balinese, Island Dew, Lomi Lomi, Sweedish or Tender Touch)
- Complimentary 1 night stay in a Deluxe Room
- Complimentary 1 night stay in Bridal Suite at Marina Bay Sands Hotel with breakfast for 2 
persons at the Sands SkyPark
- Candy Station for 50 guests

in which we chose a another 1 night stay at the Deluxe Room (1 room for Mel's parents and 1 room for Ben's parents).

*Kindly note that it seems that the perks have changed for weddings from 2016 onwards and couples can enjoy 15% off your total banquet bill now! We are not too sure if the table prices have increased though but let us know by leaving us your email add if you wish to enquire more and we can share with you the contact of our wedding co-ordinator*

We know that most hotels would only provide a 1 night stay in the Bridal Suite although you can try requesting for 2, but if you think about it, MBS was offering us 3 nights stay if we did choose it as our additional item. It was a pretty good deal when we found out from the staff that the suite we stayed at costs more than $20,000 per night at its normal room rate price!

On our wedding day after our church ceremony and lunch reception ended, Ben arrived at MBS first to check into 3 rooms so that his parents could have a rest before the tea ceremony. Knowing that we had make-up artists coming over to prep our mums early, we were thankful that the staff at MBS allowed for an early check-in and even upgraded us to the Marina Suite and our parents to Club Rooms.

Everything was quite a rush so we didn't get to take photos of the room till the next morning (actually we only thought of doing a review 1 minute before check out time. Haha!) so pardon for the low quality photos and messy state of the room in the following photos!

The Marina Suite is situated 50th floor and above so the view was magnificent! We are not sure if all Marina Suites would have the same layout, but upon entering the suite that we were staying at were 2 rooms on the left - a powder room and a mini gym (which came with a treadmill, exercise ball and tv for you to catch the news or watch some MTV while working out).

A huge living room then greets you and the size of it is certainly great for your family members, bridesmaids or groomsmen to rest or gather (that's if time permits on your wedding day actually, haha! ours was such a rush with the church ceremony and lunch reception before!). The suite was even big enough for a dining area and had a work station (which we only used to call for room service. haha!)

Needless to say the view was incredible from all 3 balconies in our suite, which was facing Gardens by the Bay. The weather was awesome those 2 days we were there so we spent quite a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the night breeze and sunny morning.

And a picture of the bedroom, which we had forgotten to take a photo. So here's one courtesy from the official MBS website,

Photo credits to

The Marina Suite had a "spa-like bathroom with double sinks and a jacuzzi bathtub". It also had a separate shower area which doubled up as a sauna. It was funny how Ben came out of the shower perspiring and saying that the water was too hot for his liking! Hahaha. The sticker instructions on how to adjust the temperature of the water probably fell off.

We did not stay for 2 nights after our wedding because we had booked a day trip to Manila (which we didn't board the flight in the end as we were too tired) for Ben's braces appointment in mid 2014 before we brought forward our wedding date and were glad that MBS allowed us to return at a later date to enjoy our 2nd night, this time in the Orchid Suite. We actually preferred the bathroom at the Orchid Suite instead (although it wasn't as private as we though it would be, haha! will share more about it in a later blog post!).

Update: Read about our 2nd night stay at the MBS Orchid Suite here:

Our bridal package also came with complimentary breakfast for 2 each morning. We could choose to have our breakfast buffet at either Rise Restaurant on the ground floor or Sky on 57 located on the highest floor of MBS. We chose the latter for both stays.

Please pardon our sleepy bare faces as we wanted our skin to breathe from the multiple layers of makeup the day before. Oops!

We also had 1 meal of in-room dining for 2, which we could use for supper on our wedding night (great for couples who are not able to eat much during their banquet) or breakfast / lunch before checking out. We were so full from our breakfast buffet but still decided to order light meals to share at our balcony.

Looking forward to be back for our wedding anniversary next year ;)
Thank you MBS for such an enjoyable stay!

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  1. Hi Mel! Thanks for the detailed write-up on MBS wedding as well as the perks offered. Ww are also interested in holding our wedding there, so could you share who your coordinator is? :)

    1. Hey you didn't leave your email so we couldn't get back to you!


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