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We started shortlisting for wedding lunch caterers pretty early, as early as we shortlisted our wedding dinner banquet venue. It's not difficult to find caterers in Singapore and many have done church weddings before. As usual, we did up a Google spreadsheet and enquired with the various caterers, mainly asking for the different menu they offer, the price per pax (and how many pax was minimum), the type of decorations that will be done and were the additional charges for transport and rental of tables and chairs etc.

Based on our guest-list, we were not able to have a western sit-down lunch reception as the area allocated to us in church could not accommodate to this (unless we were willing to do up tentage at the church carpark, which wouldn't look that nice and it would be so stuffy and hot for our guests). We had approximately 284 guests attending our church wedding and they were mostly our friends and Mel's mum's church friends. Not all our friends were able to attend both our holy matrimony service and dinner banquet, so we wanted to have better food for them to enjoy.

We didn't have a good start in our search for a caterer though. But we will leave that to the end of the blogpost (scroll down to the end of this article if you're too excited to know) as we would like to introduce you to Orange Clove Catering, who did an amazing job for us. If you don't already know, Orange Clove (OC) is part of Neo Group and having eaten food from Neo Garden countless times, we knew we were in safe hands :)

*Note: This is not a paid ad by the way*

It took us less than a day to decide on going ahead with OC. They were efficient and knew that we were working on a tight deadline since we brought forward our wedding. Our wedding was 1 month away from the time we contacted them and few days after our first conversation, we saw ourselves in our church ground discussing on the logistics and arrangement of the tables and chairs etc. None of the other vendors initiated a meet-up so we were surprised when our co-ordinator Catherine arranged for one. Along with another colleague, she drew out the floor plan for us and this helped a lot with showing our wedding helpers where everything was going to be placed before the actual day.

We looked through the menu and discussed on having a roast beef carving station and also a dessert table for the kids attending (Mel invited some of her students and their family). All these managed to fall within our budget and the best part was that they would do up the decorations (according to the theme you choose from their theme selection), reception table and also wedding favours are included in the package (another to-do taken off from our list since we had only 4 weeks till the big day)! We also needed to rent round tables to seat more guests in the parish hall and they were able to arrange that for us.

Food Tasting Session

Some caterers would charge for a food tasting session but we were glad they did not. It's always best to taste what you're serving your guests with especially if you have not worked with a particular caterer before. At the food tasting event, we were able to sample some of the dishes that was going to be served at our lunch reception. This provided us with an opportunity to feedback on which dishes were lacking.

Other items we had for our lunch reception included Caesar Salad, Chicken and Mutton Satay, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice and Roast Sirloin Beef which came with Mash Potatoes 

Setting up the night before

Thankfully, no one was using the parish hall the night before our wedding so we were allowed to do the setup the day before. Many thanks to my Dad and our church coordinator Corey, we managed to shift the chairs down from the classrooms on level 2 to the parish hall before starting on the decorations. The men from Orange Clove also came that night to do the round tables, reception table and buffet tables setup. They had to do it the night before because it was quite massive. 

Pardon us for the poor photo quality below as it was late and not all the lights were switched on.

2 rows for the buffet table. 
The roast beef carving station.

Ivory table cloths to match our theme.
And if you remember in our earlier post, we did mention that Ben did some flower arrangements for the tables. Read this post if you haven't!

Was also glad that OC provided the reception table, chairs, table skirting, table decor, ang pow box, guestbook and wedding favours within their packages. 

Dessert Candy Bar (Spellbound Memories)

According to guests, the desserts served were really good and not too sweet. We had a mixture of assorted cream cones, mini meringue, assorted pralines, mini cup cakes and mini macaroons. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to try them because after Mel went to change into her reception gown, we went down to an empty dessert bar. Haha! 

Leaving you with some photos taken on our actual day wedding. Our photographer didn't capture any photos of the entire lunch reception even though he was around (read about our disappointing experience with our AD photographer and videographer HERE) so the photos below are screen shots from the raw video taken by the AD videographer (phew!).

Various themes for you to choose from

Some caterers would charge extra for the buffet table decorations but at OC, they included it within the price of the package. There are 4 themes for you to choose from and we went with Swanlake Chandelier because we needed something brighter due to the limited natural lighting at where our buffet tables were going to be placed. 

Payment method

More than a year back, we shared in a post that one of the ways you can "get discounts" for your wedding would be to charge your wedding expenses to a credit card for rebates. While some companies only allow that for the deposit (usually the first downpayment), OC was able to charge all of our payments to our Manhattan Credit card. So that added to our rebates for the quarter!

If you're interested to know how much we paid in total for the food, live station and rental of round tables,

Total paid = $7,305

Overall, we were very pleased with the service provided by our co-ordinator Catherine, both the staff who did the setup, teardown and food serving and also the quality of food. Everything went smoothly on our wedding day and we highly recommend Orange Clove as they have an all-in-one package. You can mention to Catherine that you were referred to by Melody & Benjamin (

Catherine Seah - 91765611 (

Before we knew about Orange Clove,

Upon recommendation, we first contacted a caterer who is relatively new in the industry but was proven by a friend that the food was good. The first problem was that they did not have a website to browse past events or look through the menu. So Mel called them up and was assigned to E, who would be assisting us in our wedding preparation. After reminders, she replied a week later with 3 menu lists that sounded good and was within our budget. We requested for some items to be swapped out for others to be included as they were flexible in doing that and she said that she would get back to us in 1 week with the revised menu + photos of past events since they didn't have any available on a website or on their Facebook page.

Fast forward 2 weeks, we received no news from E or any of her colleagues. It was also this week that we made plans to bring forward our wedding by 5 months and were left with just 6 weeks left to plan for our wedding. E was unreachable so we left her an email and told her colleague over the phone that it was urgent and she needs to get back to us ASAP with the revised menu, in which she did 2 days later.

2 more emails were sent over to E that week with no replies and to our surprise, we found out about 30 days before our wedding that she had gone on maternity leave via an auto-response email sent to us. Surely you could have kept one of your colleagues in the loop if you knew you were going to be on maternity leave soon? We were quite disappointed and that's when we decided to source for other caterers instead.

So Ben replied the email and informed them that we will not be engaging their services anymore. They apologised for the "service gap" and one of her colleague, A, did a service recovery the next day but it was too late as we had already liaised with OC.

He started the conversation with "Hi is this Medoly?"

Haha ok, that message cracked Mel up and we weren't angry with them anymore. It was quite unfortunate as the setup photos sent by A looked pretty good and we would have went along with them if they had sent all these earlier instead of waiting 1 month from our first conversation. 

Nevertheless, lesson learnt! Don't forget to contact Catherine from Orange Clove (91765611) for a quotation for your wedding reception! They are also able to cater for other events :)

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