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One of the perks for signing for a Marina Bay Sands Wedding Package for a wedding in 2015 was a complimentary 2nd night stay at the Bridal Suite. We were also able to choose a 3rd night stay at the Bridal Suite as an additional perk but we chose to have a deluxe room for my in laws instead (but sadly, they didn't use the room in the end! Ahhh, we could have gotten a 3rd night! Haha.)

We made arrangements with MBS to return for our 2nd night stay a few months later and they were able to accommodate to our request. We previously stayed in the Marina Suite and it was such a lovely room (and such a huge one too!).

Read about our 1st night stay at the Marina Suite MBS here: 

This time round, we were housed in the MBS Orchid Suite for our 2nd night stay. We believe this was the "original bridal suite" during our wedding day till we got upgraded to the Marina Suite (thanks MBS, thanks Jaysen!) upon check-in on our wedding day! Our stay was perfect in every way once again except for a mistake (a huge mistake in actual fact) that MBS made when designing the bedroom toilet. We do not know if anyone else who had stayed in this exact room realised the problem we had but we did leave our feedback upon check-out and was glad that a staff got back to us via email saying that they have acted on it. Will talk about it briefly in the later part of this entry.  


At 97sqm, the suite was huge as well with a living room separate from the bedroom. We were offered the suite that had the city view, a change from our previous stay at the Marina Suite that had the garden view. We liked how our room was right at the end of the corridor, which meant that we would be given more privacy (unfortunately not, okay read on...) since there will hardly be anyone walking outside our suite. We are not sure if all Orchid Suites would have the same layout but here is a look at how our room looked like.

Hello from the 48th floor!
Powder room at entrance of our suite

As we only stayed for a night and had planned a full day of activities, it was a pity that we could not enjoy the dining and living room area as much as we could. Ben did spend quite a lot of time at the couch watching TV while waiting for Mel to get ready (as usual, haha!).

Thank you for the fruit platter and for the impeccable service once again!

The city view from our living room.
Remembered to take photos of our bedroom this time round, which was around the same size as the bedroom of the Marina Suite. 

Bedroom of the MBS Orchid Suite.

There was no walk-in wardrobe or vanity table in the Orchid Suite, which may be a slight disadvantage for brides who need space to hang their gowns and do their hair and make-up. However, a full length standing mirror in the bedroom probably compensated for that. 

We were quite blown away when we saw the view in our bathroom. Seriously, how often would we be able to soak in a bathtub yet enjoy such a view? Nevertheless, the Marina Suite was more spacious and the size would be more ideal for brides to change into their gowns. 

Garden view from our bathroom.
Double sinks - an every couples' need.
Walk-in shower.
So here came the "problem" we ran into, thankfully before we took a dip in the bathtub that night (hahaha!). It is quite difficult to explain this but to put it simply, anyone standing outside our suite would be able to see us in our bathroom even with the blinds pulled down totally because there was a gap between the wall and the blinds. As we only found out about it at night, we were too lazy to request for a room transfer. Ben came up with an ingenious way to cover the gap - he used the laundry basket, a bin and 2 bath towels.

So this is us. 
Instead of getting angry with the hotel, we laughed it off and thought of a way to solve the problem on our own, and then laughed it off again. Haha!

It looked hilarious and we left it there till check-out in hope that the chambermaid would realise and feedback to the hotel as well. We did keep a photo as remembrance of this episode but will not share it here because we are pretty sure MBS would have acted on it by now :)

Staying in the Orchid Suite gave us some perks during our stay, which we couldn't enjoy when we stayed the 1st night because of all the wedding happenings. We were given access to The Marina Bay Sands Club daily, from 6:30am - 7pm and could enjoy complimentary Afternoon Tea, Cocktail & Canapé Hour, non-alcoholic beverages. Laptops, MacBooks and iPads are also for use in The Club so you can leave yours at home.

Afternoon tea at The Club.
And of course, pool access!

Another reason why we chose MBS for our wedding is because we had relatives overseas who travelled to Singapore to attend our wedding. The location was central, yet away from the crazy traffic in the orchard area. It was convenient to shopping malls (and casino, haha!), the train station and tourist attractions.

Found time to visit Gardens by the Bay.

Even though the staycation came at a crazy time when we were busy moving out of Ben's parents' place plus co-ordinating the renovations at our new place, it was a good break for us and we are thankful to MBS for allowing us to return 4 months after our wedding for our 2nd night stay (if we're not wrong, they usually require you to return within 1 month).  

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