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It has been more than 1 year since #MelBenGetsMarried happened and we're so sorry for keeping our readers waiting for this entry about our actual day dinner banquet. Honestly speaking, we do not have many photos of our wedding banquet because our Actual Day Photographer paid little attention on the details.

Read about our unfortunate experience with our Actual Day Photographer and Videographer here:

But we will share all else that we can, including photos of the food tasting session. 

Marina Bay Sands was the 3rd wedding location that we had recced after attending the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport (click to read review) and Swissotel Merchant Court (click to read review) Wedding Shows. Special thanks to Ben's cousin in law, who works in MBS, for extending the wedding show perks for us because we missed the show by a week or two!

Here is the full list of perks that we had gotten when we signed in 2014:

- 10% off total banquet bill
- Complimentary free flow of beer during dinner
- Complimentary free flow of wine during dinner
- Waiver of corkage for up to 5 bottles of spirits (750ml, sealed & duty paid) OR Waiver of corkage for up to 18 bottles of wine (750ml, sealed & duty paid)
- Complimentary 2nd night stay in a Bridal Suite at Marina Bay Sands Hotel with breakfast for 2 persons at the Sands SkyPark
- Complimentary 1 night stay in a Deluxe Room for helpers

We were also offered to choose 1 more additional item to enjoy from this list:

- Complimentary 60-min couple massage at award winning Banyan Tree Spa (choice of
Asian Blend, Balinese, Island Dew, Lomi Lomi, Sweedish or Tender Touch)
- Complimentary 1 night stay in a Deluxe Room
- Complimentary 1 night stay in Bridal Suite at Marina Bay Sands Hotel with breakfast for 2 
persons at the Sands SkyPark
- Candy Station for 50 guests

in which we chose a another 1 night stay at the Deluxe Room (1 room for Mel's parents and 1 room for Ben's parents).

*Kindly note that it seems that the perks have changed for weddings from 2015 onwards! We are not too sure if the table prices have increased though but email us at if you wish to enquire more and we can share with you the contact of our wedding co-ordinator* 

As mentioned in one of our earlier entries before, we were more concerned about the Affordability, Food and Service at our wedding and ambience would be a plus point! :) We are thankful that the Food and Service at our wedding was up to our expectations and that MBS provided us with free flow of beer and wine (which would have been more costly, considering that it was a dinner banquet and guests tend to drink more as compared to lunch banquets).

Food Tasting Session

(By the way, as it was Christmas season during our Food Tasting Session, they served on the Red plates instead. We informed them to change it to the usual white plates for our wedding cos... don't you think the Red plates looked a bit "Zi Char" style. Haha! Apologies for the badly taken photos as well. We are no experts and we didn't have the intention to post them up if not for readers who requested for it.)

For reference, we chose the Sapphire Menu and these were the items in our menu:

Cold Platter (We changed it to this. It was supposed to be BBQ Whole Suckling Pig)
Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Sea Whelk & Dried Scallops

Braised Abalone with Green Vegetables

Steamed Marble Goby with Soya Sauce

Stir-fried Scallops & Asparagus with XO Sauce
Roast Chicken with Prawn Crackers
Braised E-fu Noodles with Enoki Mushrooms

Bird's Nest with Mango Juice & Pomelo

Our favourite dishes among the lot were the Double Boiled Chicken Soup (it's quite out of the norm to have this because most would serve a more starchy soup like sharks' fin or fish maw/crabmeat soup which makes you full easily), the steamed fish which was cooked the style we all liked (good fish should not be baked or fried!), scallops & asparagus and the Bird's Nest as dessert (which was not too sweet yet refreshing).

The service provided by the waiters at our wedding was good and they were quite attentive. Guests also mentioned that the food portion was bigger than usual and we also had thumbs up from guests who had the muslim menu. 

The waitress would save our portion of our meals and put it in our changing room (just beside our ballroom) and Ben was eating non stop while Mel was changing into my evening gown. Haha! Mel made sure not to miss out too after guests left. She changed into a comfortable shirt and sat cross-legged and we ate till 1230am in our changing room before heading back to our bridal suite. 

Unfortunately, this is all we have to show you how our decorations were for the night. We did not engage an external vendor due to our short timeline we had (since we Brought Forward our Wedding) and used Sing See Soon, one of the vendors attached to MBS. This was the design that we chose for our wedding:

Photo credits: Sing See Soon
Photo credits: Sing See Soon
We were advised by our friends not to spend too much money on wedding deco because most guests will not be able to remember what colour of cloth you used for your tables, what kind of flowers were along the aisle etc. However, this is an area you can look at parking more budget if you have a particular theme for your wedding and need to rent props.

We actually believe that a simple wedding deco setup can look great with a good photographer. Unfortunately, we were not blessed with a good one. Haha.

Ever since our wedding in Jan 2015, we've been receiving many questions about our banquet and we apologize for the great delay in this blog post. Here are some questions asked by some of our readers, which I have compiled them:

Q1) How much is your banquet package (Fri or Sat / lunch or dinner) and is it the most expensive menu?

We held our wedding on a Sat dinner and no, I do not think it was the most expensive menu. 

2) What are the perks and benefits that you have managed to negotiate on top of the existing perks in the banquet package?

We only asked for extra parking tickets, 25% of attendance instead of the proposed 20%, which we still had remainder coupons in the end. We did not have anything else we could ask for since the perk for the year already included free flow of beer and wine.

3) After hosting your wedding dinner at MBS, if you are given another chance, will you host it at MBS again?

We had no big regrets. Mel's only regret was that she had forgotten to remind our banquet manager to NOT do the first dish presentation (her face almost turned white when she heard the music playing and the waiters taking their positions) and also not to give guests flowers to throw during the march in (remember that your guests can be quite terrible at this. Mel had to take a flower out from her.. erm.. cleavage, and it truly was not a great sight. Haha!). We remember telling our first coordinator. Then again, we changed coordinators 3 times so perhaps the message didn't get through to the final one! 

4) What are the advantages of hosting at MBS?

We could expand our ballroom bigger even if we had lesser tables because the ballroom size is huge, with movable doors. 

There are some ballrooms that will have a nice view if you wish to do your cocktail session outside your ballroom, overlooking the waters. We chose to have ours inside our ballroom, which was more private because if you do it outside your ballroom, it might clash with another wedding held beside yours. 

The perks we had in 2014 was fab. That was one of the great advantages for us. And our bridal suite was Amazing! You can view photos and read more here:

MBS Marina Bridal Suite - 

MBS Orchid Bridal Suite - 

5) What are the disadvantages of hosting at MBS? 

If it's a popular date for a wedding, it might be crowded. Our new wedding date was so popular that guests had trouble finding car park lots because MBS did not open the additional car park space. There was Michael Buble concert going on and I think 8 or more weddings plus other events on our wedding night. So our dinner started 45min late but no complaints from guests (we think) because there was alcohol served during cocktail and the wedding went according to plan and ended before 11pm.

Some brides might not like that the banquet area is far from the bridal suite in the hotel. But it was not a concern for us because they provided us with a changing room just next to our ballroom. We quite liked it that way because that would mean there were less guests (makeup artists, photographers, relatives etc.) visiting your bridal suite. Also, if you have any heavy items like your gowns, suits and reception table deco items which you need help with, you can ask for assistance from the Bellboy and they will wheel it over to the ballroom for you. 

6) Could you share with us the name and contact of your coordinator?

Sure. For privacy reasons, you could email us at and we will get back to you with the details. 

Ending off this entry with some photos taken at our wedding dinner :)

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