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Apologies on not keeping on track with our Home updates! But we thought of explaining why we have been quiet on our home renovation process. The first reason is because we have been too busy at work (oops!). Also, we are not satisfied with some of the work done by the carpenter / ID company. Which is why, we have edited one of our previous entries and removed any names mentioned about the company.

As you know by now, we are not being sponsored by any companies whatsoever. So our blog posts are 100% real and honest feedback on what we went through for our wedding planning, actual day wedding, and home application processes. Naturally, we felt that since a part of our home renovation failed to last a few months since we moved in and after 4 unsuccessful rounds of them touching up the affected area, we do not wish to recommend the company to our readers for now. When we searched for an Interior Designer to replace our contractor, prompt service and good workmanship were the 2 main ingredients we were looking for in the company. Unfortunately, prompt is not an accurate word to describe the service right now (at the start, yes), and the workmanship was lacking in several areas throughout our renovation process, which we will touch on in a later entry.

Getting our home furnished

We requested for built-in cabinets in various parts of the house since we could maximize space by creating floor to ceiling furnishing. This was done for the shoe cabinet (plus altar) and wardrobes for both our master bedroom and the guest room. Other cabinets that we got them built-in was the TV console and some book shelf space above the living room TV.

If you've read our earlier Home entries, you would also know that our resale flat came with our kitchen already done up, and most of the toilet accessories had already been fitted in. Well the good thing is that we did not have to spend money to do it up, but the bad thing is that we had to stick with what we didn't like if we didn't want to spend money to tear it down and build it again! We chose to keep it and spend money on other areas that needed reno works, since the design was not that an eye sore any way!

What we were left to buy:

  • Sofa
  • Bed
  • Dining Table and chairs
  • "Balcony" Table and chairs
  • Coffee table
  • Ceiling fans
  • Kitchen ceiling light
  • Kitchen hob
  • Water heaters and taps
  • Racks for the storeroom
  • Office / Gym room furnishing
  • Home appliances
  • Curtains / Blinds

Our sofa was one of our first buys even before we got our keys. We visited one of the furniture fairs at Singapore Expo one weekend and saw a sofa set that we really liked! We didn't feel like purchasing it just yet because the staff didn't look interested to entertain our questions. The fair was ongoing for a few days so on the last day, we decided to head back to check it out again.

We couldn't find the vendor anymore! And we did not take down the brand or model of it!

So we carried on walking around, found a booth by Sanzio, and fell in love with this 3-seater sofa, which we signed for on the spot!

We are not fans of fabric chairs or sofas because Mel has students coming over on a weekly basis. Can't imagine our sofa stained by pen inks / liquids / sweat etc. There's also a limit to how careful you can ask your guests to be with the red wine in their glasses. Haha! What we liked about this half leather sofa is that not one, but all seats can be pulled out to form a single sized bed, and the arm rests on both sides could sit 1 - 2 more guests.

Colour is more true to this photo

For more seating space, we bought an Ottoman (PVC) which can sit an extra 1 - 2 guests.

Price we paid for sofa set: $1,799 + $250 (ottoman)

Our Queen sized bed was our first buy before we got our home because we moved in to live with Ben's family after our wedding. We chose a queen instead of a king as we felt that it would be a more practical buy since we were not sure how big our master bedroom would be. Also, due to space constraints since we were sharing a room with Ben's younger brother for a few months.

With Ben's elder sister's recommendation, we decided on the Englander Queen sized bed frame that came with storage space, and topped up a couple of hundreds for a firmer mattress. The storage was perfect since we had limited storage options in our shared space for the first few months! The storage space under our bed now houses our luggage bags (4 of them!), Christmas tree and decor. Basically, things we don't need to use that often. Pretty sure we can fit more things in here!

Similarly, we didn't want a fabric headboard so we opted for one that was waterproof and easier to clean / maintain.

Getting a good bed is important. We've experienced mattresses in hotels that were too soft or springy, which gave us terribly backaches the next morning.

Price we paid for bed: $2,180

Thanks to our friends, Nikki and Shane, they recommended us to visit Comfort Furniture and we have been recommending this place to many of our friends, family and readers!!! Apart from home furnishing, they also sell office and restaurant furnishings. You need to check out this space, quite a few items similar to Courts yet at cheaper rates. So here's what we got from there...

The colour scheme for our home is towards the white-brown-beige palette so we wanted to get a table which had brown legs. Wasn't difficult to find that at Comfort furniture. We settled on the Putin Glass Dining table which came with a clear tempered glass top and rubberwood base.

Because we like hosting gatherings at our place, we wanted a longer table that could fit more guests at meals (or poker nights. Haha). Hence we got them to customize our table to 1.8m (or was it 1.9m) length! You can also request for the corners of the table top to be curved instead of sharp edged, so that it will be more childproof.

We had a bit of trouble finding chairs we both liked till Ben found a design that was on clearance! We paid only $100+ per chair and decided to just get 4, since on most days, it is just the 2 of us. On occasions when we would need more chairs, we would take out the foldable ones from IKEA, which we keep in our storeroom. Our home has a total of 13 chairs around the house, 14, if you include the piano bench. Haha.

Since we decided to do wooden decking at our "balcony", we bought the Alcorn table and 2 chairs and it has been a great spot whenever Mel's girlfriends come over for tea / wine, and also for our Sunday stay home breakfasts. We topped up for a glass top, so that it would be easier to clean.

Price we paid for the above tables and chairs: $1,848

At Comfort furniture, we also bought this set of 3 tables - Tempo 3-in-1 coffee tables. We saw something similar at IKEA and Courts but the price was not that reasonable at that time, not sure about now. What we love about this set of tables is that we could store them at the corner when we are not using them. This gives us more walking space in our living room. Also, we realized that it's not easy to tell your guests to remove their feet / legs from your coffee table. Haha! Isn't it? Most homes with a fixed coffee table near the sofa ends up being a foot rest!

Price we paid for coffee tables: $199 

For lights and fans, kitchen and toilet accessories, we found a place located at Kaki Bukit called Sense & Bedeck that sells them at affordable prices! We are not sure if they are still at the same location (address at the end of this entry) as when we visited previously. We actually bought some of our toilet accessories elsewhere before Mel's student's father recommended us to this place.

To save space at home, we opted for ceiling fans instead of standing ones. All 4 rooms plus the dining room at home now have ceiling fans which comes with an attached light, while the one in the living room doesn't since the previous owner had already installed ceiling lights and we wanted to keep that.

The ceiling fans we got from Sense & Bedeck were about $100 cheaper than other retail shops and they had a variety for us to choose from.

We also bought our kitchen hob and some toilet accessories here.

Price we paid for 6 ceiling fans (of varied lengths): $1,955

Since the previous owner took away the storeroom door, we did carpentry to conceal our storage area. 

On the right would be the main door of our home, and the white door on the left is where our store room is! Unfortunately, we did not take any photos of the racks we did and it is too untidy to take them now, haha! But this is how it looks like, just ordinary industrial racks which are customizable according to the length and height you want.

Photo courtesy of our friend who used the same contact for her office space.

Can't remember the dimensions that we did but the price is really reasonable. Ben uses this contact for all his office storage racks. They are sturdy and long lasting! For the contact, do email us at MelBenGets@gmail.com.

Price we paid for our store room racks (not the above photo): $175 

For our office / gym / jamming room, we decided not to do any built-in furniture so that it gives us the flexibility to convert this room into other uses in future. 100% of the furniture in this room is bought from IKEA. We were lucky to find items that we liked there that matched the theme of our home. 

As we didn't need much storage space in this room, we bought a 2x4 Kallax shelf to store our bags and mounted a 2 door shelf on the wall, which stores some of our documents and files.

Ben bought most of his gym equipment online from JMall Fitness but he says that it might be cheaper at qoo10. You might want to do some comparison there. 

The exercise bike was bought via qoo10 from this shop owner called, TakeASeat, the X2E Enhance Model. It is foldable and also has wheels which makes moving it around easier. We bought it when it was not on offer. But qoo10 has offers every now and then, so do catch hold of it at a discount!

We bought a majority of our home appliances from Courts since our home is relatively near the Megastore outlet and they have a wide range of brands and models to compare there. From our TVs, to our microwave, to our washing machine.. we got them all from Courts. Will probably do up a separate blog post on the brands and models we recommend.

Lastly, our curtains and blinds were done up by Rick and Emily, a husband-wife team. They will come to you with their luggage bags of samples, do the measurements, and then quote you straight away. Working with them was easy and straightforward. 

We decided on venetian blinds for both the "balcony" windows and the piano studio, korean blinds for the office room, and full length day and night curtains for the master bed room and guest room. 

Venetian Blinds
Venetian blinds were a mistake. Sure they look pretty but it's more difficult to clean the dust collected on the blinds. We've tried several methods and have resorted to keep the blinds up instead, which makes the living room much brighter now! Also, doing venetian blinds didn't help in absorbing sound in the piano room. We should have opted for curtains instead.

Korean Blinds
On the other hand, you can consider Korean blinds. Much easier to maintain and clean, but it loses the "warmth" in the house, we don't know how to describe it.

Curtains are a must for the bedrooms, because it helps to block all the light. The day curtains softens the overall mood of the room in the daytime and the material of the night curtains that we chose are really easy to maintain. We vacuum it once in a while and then take them down to wash it in the washing machine when we feel like it. Haha!

For Rick/Emily's contact, do email us at MelBenGets@gmail.com.

Price we paid for all curtains and blinds: $1,520

It may sound scary but the truth is that we spent a total of close to $30,000 for all our furniture and appliances. As always, we would advise our readers to come up with a budget sheet before heading to the stores so that you will not end up buying items that would exceed your budget!

We will be back for more Home posts soon, and stay tuned for our Honeymoon Itinerary :)

Location of Comfort Furniture:
110 Eunos Ave 7,
Comfort Design Building
Singapore 409573

Location of Sense & Bedeck:
5 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #01-19 & #02-19
Singapore 417839

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