MelBen Honeymoon Day 8 Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon tour

3:45:00 PM

It was -3 degrees celcius at around 6am on the day we planned to visit Changdeokgung Palace! Thank God the weather got hotter by the time we left our accommodation to head to OneDay Hanbok to choose our outfits for the day!

Day 08 - 1 Nov 2016
We chose to rent our outfits from OneDay Hanbok because we were able to reserve a slot for our fitting, which would give us more options if we were to reach early on the day of rental.


We were late! Our scheduled appointment was at 10:30am but we only arrived close to 11am so they made us wait till the area was not too crowded before we could choose our outfits. There were so many people (mainly females) choosing outfits and some who arrived before us were still choosing by the time we left the place. It wasn't difficult to find something we liked because we weren't picky about it. Remember to avoid wearing high neck tops, dark colour tops, turtle necks and thick sweaters on the day you're going to try on Hanboks :)

OneDay Hanbok Rental
원데이 한복 충무로 위치 안내
#303 Floor 3, 125-3 Chungmuro 4-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
In front of Exit 8, Chungmuro station (Same building as KB Bank , KIA motors).

*Note from OneDay Hanbok:
1. Your reservation is no longer valid if you're late by more than 10 minutes.
2. Hanbok rental can be made without reservation. Customers who do not make a reservation may be required to wait if there are prior reservations.
3. Please ensure that you are able to meet the reserved timing. We are not be able to do last minute changes to your reserved timeslot ( i.e. on the day of rental).

Hanbok Rental Fare
4 Hours – 13,000 Korean Won
1 Day (24 Hours) – 26,000 Korean Won
(Minimum rental duration is 4 hours)
Additional hourly fee – 4,500 Korean won

While researching on palaces to visit in Seoul, we tried to find one that had a good scenery yet one not too crowded since we wanted to take photos (and didn't want to be photobombed!). That's when we found out that we could visit Changdeokgung Palace (which was only 3 subway stops from OneDay Hanbok) and also book the Huwon Secret Garden Tour, which limits 100 guests on each tour timing!!!

This tour requires reservation and there were only 3 English tours throughout the day for the season that we went to Korea. Reservation for the Huwon Tour opens online 6 days prior and they only release 50 tickets online and the other 50 will be sold at the palace on the day of the tour itself. Which is why on the morning of our 2nd day of our Jeju Trip, we made sure to book the tickets online before heading for our morning hike up Mt. Hallasan.

Changdeokgung Palace and Huwon (창덕궁과 후원) 
Take subway Line 3 for 3 stops to Anguk Station
Walk for 5 min to the palace
Admission for Palace is free if wearing Hanbok
Huwon Tour (Secret Garden) prices for Adults (ages 19 and over): 5,000 won

Still quite full from breakfast, we took shelter from the cold at a cafe before collecting our tickets for the tour from the ticket booth.

It was great we went for the tour (despite sneaking away from the tour group to take our own photos) because the autumn foliage within the secret garden is much nicer. Outside the garden, within the palace itself, all you get would be sand and palace background. Less trees, no pretty colours.

All of our photos at the Palace are unedited and self-taken with our GoPro Hero5 and on a tripod stand.

We chose this palace to take photos at as compared to Gyeongbokgung Palace because we read that many tourists would flood there, which makes it difficult to take photos. Also, we planned to visit a few other places on the same day we were going to Gyeongbokgung and we didn't want to wear our outfits out the whole day.

There were very few people in hanboks at Changdeokgung Palace so whenever tourists had the chance, they kept wanting to take photos with us. Haha. We felt like Stars for a day.

This was around 2:30pm and it looked sunny and hot but we were actually freezing!

Fooling around as usual. Ben says this was our attempt to eavesdrop on an important meeting held inside.

We stayed for about 1.5 hours within the secret garden and then went out to take photos at the main palace. Just a note that there's no food allowed in palace grounds. So no food sold here as well, only drinks (which Ben said what he ordered wasn't nice. Oops!).

Mel intended to get a light coloured top and dark coloured bottom hanbok at first but then the lightest coloured shirt she had in her luggage was light grey so she gave up on that idea. At OneDay Hanbok, we are only allowed to try 2 outfits and the first hanbok she tried came without a belt, which didn't look good on her. So she went to the rack of hanboks with belts and this was the best of the lot that was left to choose from.

Girls shorter than 1.7m shouldn't have problems finding a nice hanbok at OneDay hanbok because they have more racks for short or medium height girls (awesome for Mel!). 

Last photo of the day before we returned our outfits and headed back to near our apartment for late lunch/early dinner. 

Needed something soupy as we started coughing again. Really sucks to be sick on a holiday :( But Thank God we always buy Travel Insurance for all our trips, regardless if its 1 day or 11 days.

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